When your brain performs at its best, so do you

Applying sunscreen. Brushing your teeth. Conditioning your hair.
These are everyday habits that help you protect and maintain your body.

What are you doing for your brain?

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Live your best life.
Now and for the years to come.

Immediate Benefits

Staring down your opponents. Standing in the spotlight. Pushing past your limits. Discovering the unexpected. In these moments, adrenaline already has your energy needs more than covered. What you need now is a way to focus and concentrate so you can perform at your best.

BrainGear helps optimize your brain’s performance by providing the focus, clarity and concentration you need to excel during those times that make or break success.

Long-term Benefits

Mastering a skill or building muscle doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months to years of grinding, day in and day out. It takes relentless drive and devotion. Just like your body, a healthy brain requires daily maintenance and nourishment for optimal performance.

When you include BrainGear in your daily routine, you take control of your overall mental well-being. So when the biggest moments in life arrive, you’ll be ready.

Who Benefits from BrainGear?


Preparation and determination got you here. Go further.

Your life moves fast. There are endless meetings and each night brings a new networking event. So many details and so much information to process and remember. We’re past the times we can get away with writing notes on scraps of paper and relying on our brains to keep track of everything.

Enter BrainGear. We’re here to help you sort information with improved clarity and remain just as focused in your tenth hour of work as in your first. No need to save people’s names in your phone with a clever note on how you met them. Get more done in less time and start decorating that corner office.

Your #hustle never stops.
Neither does ours.

It’s not the challenge we conquer, it’s ourselves.

You’ve got the best shoes, the best gear, the best coaches. You work your body every day to become the best you can be. But what are you doing for the mental side of your game? What you need now is a way to focus and concentrate, so you can perform at your best. You need to be “in the zone.”

BrainGear helps optimize your brain’s performance by providing the focus and clarity you need to excel during those times that mean the difference between coming in first…or not.

Give your brain
AND your game an edge.

Some simply imagine the future. You make it happen.

It’s a competitive world out there. The push for the next big thing is a constant obsession. Long hours, stress and lack of sleep have you struggling to get through each day.

BrainGear will give you the clarity and focus you’ve been looking for and need during daily marathon work sessions. Work more efficiently in less time.

Keep focused and code on.

Health Conscious
Daily essentials: Sunscreen, Greens, BrainGear.

Trying to do it all while still making healthy choices can be a challenge. Your fast-paced life is filled with deadlines, appointments, errands…all the while trying to fit in a workout and cook a healthy meal. You innately understand that the foods you eat make a significant difference in your quality of life. The same goes for what you feed your brain.

BrainGear makes it easy for you to find the focus, clarity and overall sense of well-being you look for each and every day, while providing you the long-term brain performance benefits your future self deserves.

Feed Your Body,
Feed Your Brain.

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