BrainGear is the brain performance formula developed by top neurologists that provides immediate focus, clarity and concentration while optimizing your brain function and performance over time.

It’s time to feed your brain all that your 100 billion neurons are thirsty for.

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Overall Well-Being

BrainGear gives your brain exactly what it needs – when you need it most.

Memory Support
Mood Stability
Restful Sleep
Cognitive Support

Used daily, BrainGear feeds your brain what it needs to be at its best.

Everyone Benefits From BrainGear

Health Conscious

Why BrainGear?

It works

BrainGear has a total of 1,825 mg of brain boosting ingredients. Each of our 13 active ingredients has been scientifically tested and doctor recommended for many years.

Full transparency

We don’t keep any secrets or try to hide things from our consumers. We list all of our ingredients and their exact quantities on our label.

What you feel is real

Our product is not caffeine-based.  What you feel is the benefit of all the ingredients working together, not the jolt of caffeine.

Feed your brain what it’s hungry for

BrainGear’s 13 brain-boosting ingredients deliver the nutrition your brain needs to unlock your full potential.

Soy Free
Gluten Free

Meet the brains behind BrainGear

BrainGear is backed by top neurologists from Stanford, UT Austin and Boston University.

Our researchers come from Genentech, Amgen, Glaxo SmithKline and Johnson & Johnson.

Our scientists come from Stanford University and Schiff Nutrition.

Brains on BrainGear

I'm extremely fortunate to have been introduced to BrainGear last summer. I immediately experienced more clarity and focus during my morning radio show(6-9a). Amazingly, I no longer struggle to recall information. In my estimation, BrainGear is a no-brainer! I'm a customer for LIFE!

Brian (B.J.) JonesCollege Football Analyst, CBS SPORTS/ CBS Sports Network

I was having problems concentrating, which had a huge impact on my productivity. I couldn't stay on tasks for too long and often found myself in creative ruts. I was prescribed some herbs, including Gingko Biloba, but they did nothing for me. I decided to give BrainGear a try and the difference was very noticeable. I can finally stay focused for hours and have even noticed my memory improving over time.

Tathy OteroDesign Director, Kollettiv

BrainGear is my favorite to take before a show because I can perform, hang out with fans, and be totally focused. With energy drinks I'm tired by the end of my show. With BrainGear I perform my best and I'm the life of the party. Plus it's healthier than energy drinks! I love BrainGear.

Keelan WendorfMagician and illusionist

Why did I join BrainGear's Medical Advisory board? As a neurologist, I see many patients who have tried numerous supplements. People of all ages report that BrainGear helps them focus and concentrate like no other natural product I have encountered. BrainGear contains key supplements and vitamins which are essential for ideal cognitive function, and no prescription is necessary!

John Bertelson, MDChief of Neurology, Seton Brain and Spine Institute

Taking BrainGear noticeably affects my focus and cognition giving me an overall feeling of being more aware and “in the zone". Not only do I feel more focused when I take it first thing in the morning, but when I make BrainGear a part of my daily nutritional program its benefits are even more pronounced - including my ability to remember more and sleep better. BrainGear has become a regular feature at our company and the team really looks forward to taking it to get the most of our meetings.

Joanna SchulmanChief Business Officer, DeepStream VR

I am having unbelievable success with Brain Gear! After two days, I really started to notice greater clarity and focus while performing my work duties. My wife noticed the difference as well and made my 18 year old take it too. He told my wife-he feels a difference in his focus at school and on the basketball court.

Duane CarlisleDirector of Sports Performance, Purdue University

BrainGear has been an important part of my morning ritual to start the day right. Whether commentating or playing matches, BrainGear helps me focus and stay on point for whatever I need to tackle.

Dan ChouProfessional Commentator & Hearthstone Community Lead, Twitch.TV

Being a cerebral Smash Bros player, the most important thing for me is to stay one step ahead of my opponent. BrainGear helps me stay focused during intense situations, while still allowing me to react and stay alert without burnout like energy drinks.

Chet “ROFL” CicconeSmash Bros Pro Player

I gave up classical music long ago because I began to have trouble reading sheet music. My brain would get quickly fatigued, and the notes wouldn't make sense. I've been drinking BrainGear for several days now, and last night I found some old classical guitar music I never got around to learning before. I sat down played page after page without needing a break -- I was even able to carry on a conversation with my quizzical toddler while I played. Amazing! I haven't felt that much focus in decades! Thank you!

Mo GottiSinger-songwriter

Being both a personal training student and yoga instructor means that I'm always learning and teaching. When I have a long day of classes and need a little extra boost, BrainGear's enhanced focus gets me in-the-zone.

Suki MayorYoga Instructor

As a second-year medical student, I’m always looking to keep my brain sharp and to fight exhaustion. BrainGear helps me focus and think clearly during long hours of studying, all without the jitters of energy drinks. So many great ingredients in such a tiny bottle!

Shami PatelMedical Student, Touro University

I look forward to enjoying my BrainGear each morning as I juggle my day. I feel clear and dilated in and focused within minutes of taking it. My wife and son have both incorporated BrainGear into their morning routines as they feel that they can accomplish anything after taking it. They won’t leave home without having their BrainGear. I continue to lean and notice the benefits of BrainGear. The difference I feel is truly amazing.

Christopher BibyDriver Management, NASCAR/Indy Car

BrainGear helps me stay sharp when it counts. BrainGear makes you smart...but not annoyingly so. Quick, spell "rhinoceros"! I thought I was smart, but with BrainGear, I startle people.

Henry EshelmanManaging Director, PMG (Platform Media Group)

BrainGear was a hit at our #FUSEPREESPYPARTY #2016! The athletes and health enthusiasts were amazed by the effectiveness of the product.

Francis PerduePublicist & Talent Manager, PS Media Talent, LLC


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